ABOUT Marq Hewer

marq Hewer
I was born in Chippenham, Wiltshire, England in 1977,  where I still live and work. I have  written many poems of which I will publish in the very near future.
The Curse Of The Emerald Serpent is my first novel to be published. The second; The Rainbow Moon, will be du More...



Many eons ago the serpent-folk of Halacith were killed by Borog the Troll King. He burnt them and put in an urn; which is known today as The Emerald Serpent. A sceptre was used to put a curse on their ashes and he buried them beneath his castle in the slimy dungeons along with the sceptre.
Here they stayed, untouched.

For some unknown reason, the urn has been disturbed and the four kingdoms of Halacith, Porlax, Tropol and Rydurm are falling apart. The curse is slowly seeping into the kingdoms.
The towns-folk decide to choose a hero to save the kingdoms; Seyden.

On his journey, Seyden tackles many dangers and befriends many on the way. His wife Auris, the other kings of the kingdoms and even Seyden himself are all connected to the Emerald Serpent, but how?

Will Seyden stop the kingdoms from being extinct or will The Curse Of The Emerald Serpent destroy all?...

The main concept behind the book is the balance of good and evil between four kingdoms. Greed and Power.