The marmoset who shared his lunch

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Charlie Forrest
Sara and Hannah spent an hour with Charlie, asking him the questions that some of his readers have been asking them. Below are the questions that they asked Charlie and Charlie's answers to those questions!

Sara: For how long have you been writing stories?




‘The Marmoset Who Shared His Lunch’, is an attempt to write a fable. I promised Sara I would try; well, here it is.
In fact, it might be a bit too long at three and a half thousand words to be a fable. I have to say that the story, like most that I write, just kept on growing. I put the brakes on otherwise the Marmoset would never have got his lunch!
Unlike most fables that try to convey a specific message (and in the past we might have said a moral), this story allows you to decide what’s important.
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Charlie Forrest