Carrots' Bad Day (The Lucie & Phileas Adventures)

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Charlie Forrest
Sara and Hannah spent an hour with Charlie, asking him the questions that some of his readers have been asking them. Below are the questions that they asked Charlie and Charlie's answers to those questions!

Sara: For how long have you been writing stories?




Carrots has been kidnapped and is being held to ransom. Lucie believes the kidnapper to be the 'interesting boy' who lives across the street. However, when Phileas offers to help Lucie rescue Carrots she knows it can't be him and the pair set out to rescue her 'Prince amongst leaves' from a gang of ruffians who definitely get more than they bargained for.

'Carrots' Bad Day' will first be published for Kindle, then as a paperback.

'Carrots' Bad Day' is the first 'Lucie & Phileas' adventure and there will be more. The next, 'The Mara and The Alien' will be out very soon, but not before you've had a chance to enjoy this story.

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Also, look out for the next fable, ‘Peggy and Little Boy Lost’, which will be published in the near future and that story, together with 'The Marmoset who shared his lunch', will be published in paperback, as well as for Kindle.
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