Peggy & Lost Boy Found

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Charlie Forrest
Sara and Hannah spent an hour with Charlie, asking him the questions that some of his readers have been asking them. Below are the questions that they asked Charlie and Charlie's answers to those questions!

Sara: For how long have you been writing stories?




‘Peggy & Lost Boy Found' is a story by Charlie Forrest, written for Hannah and intended for children young and old.
Unlike 'The Marmoset Who Shared His Lunch', this story is not strictly speaking a fable. There is no moral, but, once you've read the story I'm sure you'll see that it includes some good advice; whether you're a plough horse or a little boy.
Peggy decides, for no apparent reason, that because Tom left the gate to the field open, she should go out and see who is on the road. She ventures outside the gate and is spooked by the noise of a motorcycle and gallops off. Suddenly Peggy realises that she doesn't know where she is. Needing a drink, Peggy finds a drovers' trough and beside it, a little boy, whose name is Cedric. The little boy tells Peggy is running away from home. The little boy wants to go to the city and see the elephant. Peggy kneels down and Cedric climbs on board and they head off. However, by this time, it's getting a little late. They stop at a barn and, after drinking some milk and eating some cream, they fall asleep in the straw.
During the night, all the other little lost creatures find them and make their beds in the straw. In the morning, they all climb on Peggy's back and head for for the city to see the elephant.
Before they reach the city they stop to gaze upon a standing stone that is by the road and said to be very old. The motorcyclist arrives, the one that scared Peggy the day before. He's looking for Cedric. The motorcyclist's name is William and he is almost sure that Cedric is his brother, a fact being checked by the vicar and Cedric's Aunt Geraldine.
Abraham arrives in the trap with Tom. Peggy is ridden back by Tom and Abraham takes Cedric and the animals home in the trap. It turns out that Cedric and William are indeed brothers and there is a celebration.
A short time after the celebration, William and Cedric go to the city to see the elephant. Peggy has to pull the trap because Rebecca has gone lame.
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Charlie Forrest