the Olet Christmas Story

Children's Books, Christian Books

By Lea Frazier

Publisher : Deva Industries, Inc.

ABOUT Lea Frazier

Lea Frazier
Since taking her first steps, Lea has been exploring the world from an artist’s eye, with the unique ability to view everyday things from a new perspective. She began drawing the Olet characters as a young child to occupy herself while sitting in church.  There, she would fill the bull More...



The Olet Christmas Story is based on the gospels of Luke and Matthew.  The angel Gabriel informs Mary that she will give birth to God’s son Jesus.  When Mary tells her fiancé Joseph, he becomes upset.  But Gabriel appears to Joseph in a dream and tells him that all is OK, Mary’s baby is the son of God.  So Mary and Joseph get married.  When Mary is heavy with child, she and Joseph must travel to Bethlehem for a census.  Unable to find lodgings there, they sleep in a stable where Mary gives birth to the baby Jesus.  Angels announce the birth to shepherds, who come to worship the child.  Wise men from afar also come bearing gifts and are guided to the child by a star.  And so it was that the first Christmas came to be.

The Olet Christmas Story is one in a series of the Olet Bible Stories that are being brought to life through the unique artistry of Lea Frazier.