Lethal Journey

Mystery & Thrillers, General Fiction

By Kim Cresswell

Publisher : KC Publishing

ABOUT Kim Cresswell

Kim Cresswell
Kim Cresswell resides in Ontario, Canada. Trained as a legal assistant, Kim has been a story-teller all her life but took many detours including; working in legal and adult education before returning to her first love, writing. Her debut romantic suspense, REFLECTION, has won numerous awa More...


A killer lurks in the shadows of Hyde Park, New York…waiting.

Manhattan District Attorney, Lauren Taylor, is about to take on the most important case of her career, prosecuting Gino Valdina, acting mob boss of New York’s most influential crime syndicate.

For three decades, Gino Valdina has led New York’s Valdina crime family. Since his recent indictment for murder, the leadership of the family is in turmoil, appalled by the death of one of their own, Gino’s wife, Madelina. Without the support of the family behind him, Valdina will do anything to save himself.

But Lauren soon discovers, things aren’t always as they seem when she’s tossed into a mystery, a deadly conspiracy that reaches far beyond the criminal underworld and a journey into the past makes her a target…and anyone she’s ever loved.

After I wrote, "The End" in my short novel thriller, Lethal Journey, I felt as if I just gave away my first born child. Writing "The End" has always been a mixture of excitement and sadness. I'm sad the story has ended yet excited to share my work with the world. I originally wrote Lethal Journey in 1996. The story is a novella inspired by my fascination with the Mafia combined with my love for action-packed thrillers. It was a story I tucked away for years after a wonderful author I'd met online passed away from cancer. Christina Harris was a friend, my writing mentor, and a two-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist. She was a woman of true strength, dedication and courage. No matter how sick she was, she was always there for me. Unfortunately, she died before I finished writing my debut romantic suspense, REFLECTION. In 2003, Lethal Journey was a romantic suspense finalist in Romance Writers of America's From the Heart Romance Writers (FTHRW) Golden Gate Contest. Since then, the story has evolved from being a romantic suspense to an intricate pulse-pounding thriller filled with intrigue and action and I'm glad I decided to rewrite the book.

**RomCon®'s 2014 Readers' Crown Winner (Thriller/Suspense)**

"An entertaining and complex novella with some solid twists at the end." —Cheryl Kaye Tardif, international bestselling author of SUBMERGED

"Chocked full of action and tells a complex story appropriately paced that does not rush the reader. Lethal Journey fits the adage, "good things come in small packages". --Manic Readers

"Be prepared for a surprise ending that will blow you away. --Fran Orenstein, Sunwriter

"The cops. The mob. The district attorney. Lethal Journey is an intricate and suspenseful thriller that offers an action packed thrill-ride with stunning revelations and a nail-biting conclusion!" --Patricia, Room With Books

"I devoured this book and I wanted more especially at the end as I couldn't get enough of these characters. Be sure to put this on your 'to-read' list." --Sharon's Book Nook

“Kim Cresswell’s talent shines through again! With a talent for setting the stage, bringing in the characters and cuing the action, she held me from page one. She is not afraid to write a tale that is real, where the good guys do not go unscathed and they are not perfect. There is grit in her style, and when she says you are in a warehouse with a stench, you smell it. The romantic tension runs high, and using character flashbacks to the past not only builds on the development of each character as a flesh and blood entity, but serve to eventually bring everything full circle with an ending that you will NOT see coming!” —Dianne, Tome Tender's Book Blog