Unapologetic: A Novel (Uptown Dreams Publications Presents:)

General Fiction, Young Adult

By Donetha Polite

Publisher : Uptown Dreams Publications

ABOUT Donetha Polite

Donetha Polite
Donetha Polite (39) hails from Bartow, FL. She's a poetess, a novelist, and an aspiring screenwriter. She graduated from George Jenkins Sr. High School Class of '94, the first graduating class in the school's history. After graduation, she became a student of Job Corps attending the French More...



Januari McCall was a run away. After the gruesome loss of her oldest brother, who was also her best friend, to a drug deal gone wrong, Januari found herself in a funk. As a result of his death, one of her younger brothers unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide. It all became too much for her to bear and with parents that were concerned more with being able to get their drink on and gamble instead of providing for their remaining four children, she’d had enough. One morning she’d get up and leave for school with no intentions of returning, finding herself submerged in the streets of Detroit, Michigan with nowhere to live.

Shareece was also a run-way. Not because of anything negative, but because of greed. She had the perfect loving family. They provided her with everything and she didn’t have to want for nothing. But for Shareece, everything was nothing if it didn’t have a famous name and a hefty price tag associated with it.

The Pettigrews was a very unique couple. He was eighteen years her senior, a multi-millionaire with strict pet-peeves and owned a Mom and Pop corner store as a hobby. She was a no nonsense woman that respected her husband with a tight-lipped secret that was haunting her every day of her life.

All of their paths would cross in the strangest of ways. But the Pettigrews would open their house and their store to these teenage run-aways under two conditions: 1. They must work in the store and 2. They couldn’t let anyone know that they were living in the back room of the store. This oddly self-made family was beginning to blossom. The Pettigrews developed a love for the girls and high hopes came with that love. One would make them proud while the other would cause them pain.

Unapologetic. Sometimes apologizing can be a little too much.

Unapologetic by Ms. Donetha Polite, is about young Januari , who goes through more tragedy in her young life than anyone should have to, and Shareece, who wants what she wants, when she wants it, which is right now. These two girls' lives get intertwined when they meet the Pettigrews, a couple who step in to help these teenagers out.

I enjoyed the premise of the book, and could definitely relate to the characters, especially because I have teenage nieces of my own. There is definitely a message in this story that can be learned by young and old alike. Unapologetic was my first read by Ms. Polite, and I must say, a pleasant surprise. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author.