P.S. Winn
I am a writer just trying to get ideas out of my head by putting them down on paper. I do this longhand. I have four books on Amazon right now and am working on a fifth. I am trying to learn more about promoting my work.



Throughout the history of mankind, people such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and many biblical prophets, seers, and visionaries have guided humanity with what they claimed were insights into our future -- a look into the mind of God, our fate as a species, and maybe even our destruction.
Little did Carol and Nick Cavelli know that they would be living in the times foretold, with war, paranoia, and nature itself raging across the planet.
As the Cavellis and an eclectic cast of characters from around America all find themselves unknowingly guided to a single place -- and each other -- another set of individuals sees an opportunity for power... and death.