ABOUT Bill Carson

Bill Carson
I never set out to be a writer, it just kind of happened and now I can't stop writing. Six books so far and another on the way. I have written several books but I consider my two crime fiction novels to be my best work. In my first crime thriller I write about how society is failing the  More...


Nemesis crime thriller - John Kane’s Revenge.

Sequel to Necessary Evils.

This book is packed with action and intrigue as John Kane sets out to ‘put things right’ in his own inimitable fashion.
John Kane’s world has been destroyed by the deaths of two loved one’s and he is now hell bent on some payback, “I will bring their whole evil establishment down upon their shameful heads!” He proclaims. However he is not the only one out for revenge, and there are sinister dark forces at work who are determined to put an end to him once and for all.

Praise for Bill Carson:
“I enjoyed Necessary Evils very much, so much I had to not read for a few days to keep absorbing it. Very good book.” Rhonda Sue Holle.

George Gutowski says: “I have read a dozen books since I finished Necessary Evils. It's still the best.”

Mark Schafer: “Can't wait to read Nemesis. If it is even half as good as Necessary Evils I think you will have a winner on your hands.”

Lynda Charters: Twitter comment, “I recommend reading @billcarsonbooks and @MikeWellsAuthor. Both are superb 5 star writers.”