ABOUT Steven Atwood

Steven Atwood
My life had its ups and downs, like most people. Along the way, I met my beautiful wife who saved me. I was in the darkest part of my life at the time, practically lived in seclusion even though I had a roommate. I smoked, drank very heavily, believed everyone owed me something, and I had  More...



An action packed dystopian science fiction adventure with intrigue, romance, and betrayal

Amari Prokop murdered her first victim at age eight...

She acquired her own starship at twenty-four...

She started smuggling people from Earth to the freedom on Europa for a price, but found that blackmail and murder paid much better. All that wealth should have made her happy. But it didn’t, nothing could fill that void she felt. She had to get out and start over.

Now on her last job, all she has to do was kidnap Cloee Thompson from a government transport ship and hold her until Amari’s employer was ready to take her. The promise of a pardon from the United Nations was too good to pass up. It was the only way to leave that life behind.

Colin Ross was an Interplanetary Space Security Force (ISSF) agent, handpicked by the United Nations to recapture the mysterious terrorist Cloee Thompson and stop Amari, dead or alive. With his partner Marlie, they began the chase across the stars.

Can Amari escape Colin and the ISSF? Will she get her freedom? Who will steal Amari’s heart? Why is Cloee Thompson so important? Who is pulling the strings and why?

Amari can found in the following Science Fiction Categories: Adventure, Dystopian, Space Opera, Young Adult, and Romance.


"Steven Atwood has created a gripping sci-fi space adventure that will take you in and hold you throughout the tale." Shane (Amazon Reviewer)
"I'm a sucker for sci-fi and real sucker for Dystopian stories. Amari provides both, and overall it is a good story" J. Henson (Amazon Reviewer)

"Admittedly, I have long grown tired of the same old cookie cutter sci-fi novels that I've tended to steer clear of the genre. Mr. Atwood's novel, Amari, has changed that for me. His work falls into a class of its own and has made me fall in love with sci-fi once again. I applaud him for that. This book will not disappoint." Dingobaby (Amazon Reviewer)