Cycle of Ages Saga: Finders Keepers

Science Fiction & Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers, Horror

By Jeremy Hicks

Publisher : Broke Guys Productions

ABOUT Jeremy Hicks

Jeremy Hicks
One of the chosen few to be born in Alabam', Jeremy Hicks spent several years working as a field archaeologist throughout the Southeast before teaming up with his longtime friend and co-author, Barry Hayes, to realize a shared creative dream. The writing team of Hicks & Hayes created  More...


On the faraway world of Faltyr, a calamitous Mage of Moor’dru must do whatever it takes to get the secretive contents of a magic chest back home to his master. But when his disastrous nature shipwrecks him on an accursed island, Kaladimus Dor must cooperate with a motley crew of survivors, including mercenaries from an adventuring guild known as Finders Keepers, to secure their only means of escape, a powerful ship of legend.

Can the contentious group of survivors find this Hallowed Vessel before they are consumed, figuratively by their own inner strife or literally by the island’s ravenous inhabitants? And what will happen if the survivors discover Dor is the one responsible for shipwrecking them there in the first place? Will they forgive him or will his actions be their ultimate undoing?

"The Hobbit meets Heavy Metal." -- Michelle Lowery Combs, Author of The Genie Chronicles.

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Here's an excerpt:

"Barry Hayes and Jeremy Hicks have given their readership a world of elves, mages, demons, and more. It is complex and intricate with just enough detail to become alive and just enough left untold to allow the workings of the imagination. When removing a reader to another world, it is incumbent on the creator to infuse the new place with geography, history, culture, conflict, mystery, and mythology, and then provide a few compelling characters to make sense of it all. These authors have accomplished this, carefully weaving vibrant threads of religious philosophies, interracial tensions, local histories and yet more into the fabric of their world. And added to this, they have delivered a gripping adventure."