Whispers of the Gods

General Fiction

By Michelle Hart

Publisher : Authorhouse

ABOUT Michelle Hart

Michelle Hart
I am a self published author of a novel set in Ancient Egypt, and now I am looking for a publisher. I want to write full time and get out and meet new people and travel too. Corresponding with other writers, agents and publishers is also important to me.



Historical novel of ancient Egypt, encompassing the reign of Hatshesput, the first female Pharaoh and her nephew Tutmoses 3rd,(Amun-Ra). The influence of the Gods and sacred temple practices provided the basis of this civilisation. However, as Amun-Ra comes to manhood, he discovers the extent of Hatshepsut's scheming, aided by Senenmet her Grand Vizier, and a desperate fight for power ensues.  The destructive forces of greed and ambition threaten to triumph over truth. Will Tutmoses 3rd ever succeed to rule alone as his father decreed?
The except available is from Chapter 48, Whispers of the Gods, by michelle Sara Hart