ABOUT Jax E. Garson

Jax E. Garson
Writer of several books, Space Station Apocalypse, Double Eagle War, Fifth World, Dark Wine, Amongst the Shadows, Under the Graves, A Cursed Life, The Sin of Mediocrity, The Cold and Dark Places, Confessions of an Elven Vampire, The Scandal of Vampire Cults, A Vampire in an Elven Court, Va More...



The animals of myth and extinction have returned to Earth. The prophecies are coming to pass, from Revelations, to Nostradamus and Hopi.

The Earth is at war. World War III has erupted. Famine and disease is spreading. The governments are strained. Militaries are short on manpower. Resources are dwindling.

But there is hope…

Colonel Poul Flagstaad and the Phoenix have returned to Earth. The governments debrief them and separate the team. As each one returns to their nations, they are immediately sent on other missions. Immediately, they are conflicted, each one struggling with the need to follow duty or to make choices contrary to their orders that will save lives for the better.

The innocent, the poor and the displaced are stranded. Some seek protection at the spiritual monuments of the world. Beneath each monument are portals that can take them to the safety of Fifth World. But there is only one group that can successfully open the portals.

Across the Atlantic, Vice Admiral Gunner leads a ragtag fleet led by Coast Guard and supplemented with military and civilian contractors. Fighting through procedural problems and helicopter accidents, he must guide the Urda’s mothball fleet into the Mediterranean Sea. Along the way, he saves many stranded civilians, collecting them under his protection.

He struggles to find a way to save the civilians while completing his mission.

Poul and his son Knud learn there are secret societies pushing them to secure portals that could reach Fifth World. These societies are controlling the war for their own means. The governments want the portals to manipulate the human race into one New World Order.

Poul needs to make a choice to follow his orders or defy them. He witnesses the suffering of the people and wonders about the morality of denying them a new life in an untouched world, or subject Fifth World to be scavenged for its resources for the benefit of the governments and corporations.

Will the human race survive the Apocalypse? Will the Phoenix rise from the ashes to do good for the meek of the world, or will they follow orders and subject the people to their doom?

This book contains violence, adult situations and adult language.