Lady J
Lady J, was selected by the Council of Elders of Puppy World and Captain Bootsie ear & His Fearless Crew to recount their adventures on Planet Earth and Beyond. She was bestowed the official title “Lady J”, Official Grand Katib.

In the time of the dinosaurs, she has work More...


The Phoenix has lost its diary. 
It's not just "A Diary" but "THE DIARY!"

What to do?  Contact the most famous detectives in all the galaxies....Captain Bootsie Bear and His Fearless Crew!

Captain Bootsie Bear and His Crew from Wroofles Intergalatic Detective Agency go on a search to find the Phoenix Diaries.

Travel on this crazy adventure through time and space to find the Diary. Meet strange mythical beings from legendary pasts and garlic eating dragons!

A Wroofles Intergalactic Detective Agency Novel
an Eco-Green Book

50% of proceeds donated to charities to help disadvantaged children and animals in need