Bland Encounter

General Fiction, Humor

By Donald Wightman

Publisher : Matador

ABOUT Donald Wightman

Donald Wightman
I grew up in near Leicester, England, and on entering my teenage years I was greatly surprised to discover an interest in all things practical – I blamed it on the Meccano set given to me as a child. This admission was all my careers officer needed to mark me down for an engineering app More...



Dave Bland is a man struggling to make a new life after the break up of his marriage. The middle-aged train manager turns to an internet dating site and soon gets embroiled in intrigue. Is the mysterious Galina a high-class hooker, a hit woman or simply a lady looking for love?

When she arrives in the UK, he invites her into his home, but complications arise when Galina’s niece appears on the scene. A sex-trade worker down on her luck, Irina needs a place to stay. With money tight, old habits die hard, so Dave formulates a plan for Irina and her colleagues to target Trainspotters who are due in town for a special steam weekend.

Chaos ensues when members of a rival steam railway try to sabotage the event. The mayhem increases when a train wrecks a nearby Safari Park. Order is eventually restored, but the consequences prove crucial for the people involved.