The God Sword: The Hawks: Book Two (Volume 2)

ABOUT Paula Baker And Aidan Davies

Paula Baker and Aidan Davies
Paula Baker and Aidan Davies decided one day when they were jumping on the trampoline, that they would team up to write a book. Aidan’s head is full of stories, and his mother, Paula loves to write. They live in British Columbia, Canada with their family where she is a librarian and ban More...


Gode’s breath hissed out of him. “Did you see that?” he gasped.

“Did I see it?” Flint asked incredulously, collapsing against the edge of the sarcophagus. “It was staring into my face, not even breathing. I’ve never felt such indomitable strength. Not even from Martokallu!”

The Hawks learn that the weapon they need to finally defeat Martokallu is hidden in Tsaralvia. Egbert reveals his true identity and accepts the challenge to lead a mission into the south.

But they aren’t the only ones after the sword. The Worshippers of Dreff seek the weapon for their own purposes while the Protectors of the God Sword will do everything in their power to prevent its discovery.

Not only that, but enraged by The Hawks’ interference, Martokallu sends his Followers to take care of the problem.

Let the search for the God Sword begin.


Paula Baker and Aidan Davies are the mother and son creators of the World of Abbarkon. They work together to write The Hawks--a middle grades fantasy trilogy.