Emilia (Family Portrait, Book Three)

Emilia (Family Portrait, Book Three)

ABOUT Christa Polkinhorn

Christa Polkinhorn
Born and raised in Switzerland, I have always had the desire to explore the world outside of my beautiful but tiny country. As a young woman, I traveled through Europe, came to the United States on an exchange program, and ended up staying. My travels led me to China and Japan as well as S More...



Turmoil reigns in the O’Reilly household. With her two older children, Laura and Tonio, grown and getting ready to fly the coop, Karla finds out she is pregnant again. Instead of devoting her time and energy to her painting career, she is forced to raise another child. Andreas, her husband, is looking forward to being a father once more, but realizes soon that the little bundle of joy, Emilia, instead of enhancing the relationship to his wife of over twenty years, intensifies the tension that has been building between them. While the parents are fighting each other, Laura and Tonio are trying to keep the peace. But more challenges wait in the wings: Andreas catches his son kissing another man in a more than friendly way, and Arturo, Karla’s Peruvian father, has a heart attack. While Karla is in Peru taking care of Arturo, Andreas gets a little too cozy with a young woman by the name of Susanna. Only when he almost loses Emilia does he come to his senses and embarks on a journey to try to keep his family together.

EMILIA, part three of the Family Portrait trilogy, deals with the struggle of a family of artists, who try to keep the flame of love and creativity alive through difficult times. It takes place in Switzerland, France, and Peru.