The Church Across the Street

The Church Across the Street

ABOUT Neil Griffin

Neil Griffin
Neil Griffin is a husband, father and grandfather who lives in the North East of England. As a teacher he has found himself in settings from mainstream comprehensives to high security prisons. As a musician and entertainer he performed with his band "The Fabulous Wild More...



It's 1962. Luke Witton is six years old and, like the times around him, his life is changing. Through extracts from his diary over the next twelve years, we learn how local, national and global events impact upon him. From his quirky insights into all things Catholic, to his gradual loss of faith and discovery of sex, drugs and rock and roll, this is a bittersweet coming of age story. But there is a dark side to this funny, nostalgic tale, as Luke is drawn unwittingly into a perilous criminal underworld and faces a terrifying choice. And yet, at 18, shouldn't Luke's life just be beginning?

"In a complete departure from his debut novel "Martha's Vineyard", Griffin introduces us to the charming insights of a six year old growing up in Northern England through the turbulent 1960's. As Luke, the narrator, ages his voice matures in this ambitious, charming and enthralling yarn."
Pity Me Publishing Online Review.