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It's all a big adventure, until the body count starts to rise.

Falcon Bravo oil platform, 250 miles offshore in the North Sea. Isolated. Forbidding. At the mercy of more than the weather and the sea.

The moment Eddie Capstan and his crew board Bravo to undertake a routine but dangerously understaffed maintenance mission, they are already counting the days until they leave again. However, they are not the only ones on board.

Released from its incarceration, a long buried obsession resurfaces, and soon they are counting the dead and missing instead. Everyone is suspect. Workmate turns on workmate. Could one of them be a killer, or is a more dangerous entity stalking the walkways?

"It's always the quiet ones you need to watch closest."

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Lucy's style of writing is so similar to the crime novels by Chic McSherry that it's quite uncanny. What I love about both of these authors is the natural and strong regional accent and slang used in their corner of Scotland. For some reason the accent adds to the atmosphere, reinforcing the cold, the dark, the crime, the desperation, the sheer misery and determination that seems to exude from Scottish crime authors.

Offshore has no lulls, no soft getting into the story, you are in it when you start on page 1. It's absolutely FABULOUS! I loved it, it's so visceral, tense, stressful, wrong, grungy... the superlatives are endless because Lucy nails everything I love in a good novel. Crime, murder, mystery, swift writing pace, a freezing North Sea, lashing storms, bloody fisticuffs, intrigue, drama, and of course, thrilling suspense. I refuse to share the ins and outs of my journey reading this because to tell you more would ruin your journey on the oil rig. I felt so sorry for them, I really did, I needed them to survive, and at times I had palpitations and was so caught up I was almost ready to put the book down and stomp and shout because I needed them to 'hurry up' 'move faster' HURRY HE'S COMING!

I was completely (and embarrassingly) immersed. Abso-lutely-bloory-loved-it!

I hope Lucy keeps writing crime thrillers, because my heart almost failed reading this one. Wow, this is better than 24 (and I watch that because it's a non-stop adrenaline rush). Thank you for an awesome read, please write more for us - for crime fans everywhere.

Poppet -Ā