The Emerald Tablet

Young Adult, Science Fiction & Fantasy, General Fiction

By Joshua Silverman

Publisher : Enchanted Forest Press

ABOUT Joshua Silverman

Joshua Silverman
Joshua Silverman was born in Washington, D.C. He moved to Orange County, California where he was raised.
While attending California State University, Fullerton and studying Criminal Justice, Joshua was introduced to a creative writing class where he wrote a series of paranormal sto More...



The Emerald Tablet is the first of The Legends of Amun Ra seven book series. Leoros, a boy from Earth who dreams about being like heroes in comic books, finds the emerald tablet, a mythical object written by the Egyptian god of magic and wisdom, Thoth, in the sands of Egypt transporting him to another world. Potara is unlike anything he’s ever expected, a world where the magic of the Egyptian gods is being practiced by an ancient religious sect, The Amun Priests, who are led by High Priest Pythos. It’s a world where darkness rises in an ancient foe, Osiris, threatening to bring everything under its shadow.


Pythos takes Leoros under his wing as a mentor, teaching him the ways of the mystical teachings of the ancient Egyptians. As Osiris’ star rises, the dark magic he yields brings war, and Leoros discovers that being a hero is not as black and white as he thought. Back on earth, Leoros’ parents try desperately to get their son back, risking their marriage and their lives in the process.


As alliances are forged and broken, Leoros’ friends betray him and his mentor is murdered, leaving him unprepared to fight the forces of darkness as his enemies seek to destroy him.


Uniting with the last apprentice of the Amun Priests (Dio), a young slave coming into her power as an oracle (Atlantia), and a weary soldier whose faith rests in weapons not magic (Axios), Leoros fights against his own fears and determines what kind of man he wants to be. Will he stand for justice and defend the innocent against the coming darkness or will he betray his sense of morality by joining with the forces of evil?

An adventurous ride through history and fantasy- Abby

The Emerald Tablet is a unique blend of fantasy, science fiction, and ancient history. - Joy

Promising New Series -Kathie Yoneda

A middle ground between Harry Potter and Games of Thrones