Warm Words For Cold Weather:The Make A Toast Winter Holiday Guide

Warm Words For Cold Weather:The Make A Toast Winter Holiday Guide

ABOUT Chris Korbel & Katrin Kern

Chris Korbel & Katrin Kern
Katrin Kern attended Crossroads School for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, Fordham University’s Manhattan campus, The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and South Coast Repertory . She is an actress and vocalist who has performed at Lincoln Center and at A Noise Within. Her work h More...



How to make a winter holiday toast?

Offering a moving and memorable winter holiday toast is one of the merriest of traditions. Unfortunately, this Bon Vivant secret for witty and warm speech making has been kept hidden from aspiring toast-givers.

Inside you will discover how easy it is to compose your words and speak confidently while delivering a moving holiday toast.

The authors, Katrin Kern & Chris Korbel, owners of Make A Toast, have spent the last five years consulting non-professional public speakers on a wide variety of milestone speeches and toasts. They have offered their expertise to their clients and students, as well as online, in print, on radio and on television.

Do you think offering an amazing winter holiday toast has to take a lot of time and practice? In this book, instead of working hard, you will discover how to work smart.

There is no reason the information provided in this book will not help you successfully write holiday toasts or engagingly present holiday speeches at your very next celebration.

Below is what Katrin and Chris will cover in this book:

1. What are the essentials for making winter holiday toasts? Imagine how much easier these special occasion speeches will be when you uncover the fundamentals that make up all successful holiday toasts.

2. What are the most common winter holiday toast making mistakes? If you have ever given a toast, you’ve probably made at least two of these. Discover how to avoid them and what to do instead.

3. A simple but highly effective formula that will enable you to offer a toast at any winter holiday. This method actually highlights what is special about each occasion.

4. How to offer an office party toast that will impress your co-workers, clients and supervisors with your public speaking skills.

5. Give the gift of gratitude by writing a Christmas toast or a Hanukkah toast to regale your family and friends.

6. Speak from the heart with a romantic New Year's Eve toast that will keep the fires burning all year long.

How to make a winter holiday toast? It’s easy and fun when you know the right steps to take. This book will show you the fastest path!