ABOUT Karen Hardin

Karen Hardin
Karen R. Hardin is a professional writer/producer specializing in all things literature including, but not limited to, novels, screenplays, stage plays and various forms of business writing. In 2001 she released her debut novel and first edition of the “Loyalty” mafia trilogy. In 2008  More...



Loyalty is a family saga and the beginning of a trilogy that follows three generations of mobsters and gangsters struggling to co-exist. Frank Cipriano is the most powerful mobster in Chicago and Jonathan Casey, an ambitious gangster, wants to take his place. While building his drug cartel, Jonathan's lonely wife finds her way into Frank's open arms. As a product of Frank and Anna's affair, Jasmine is born. With siblings in both families, Jasmine is unknowingly the tie that binds the Casey(s) and Cipriano(s) for generations to come. "Loyalty" is gangster. "Loyalty" is Mafioso. "Loyalty" is a hit woman without a family to call her own.