Willow Crossing

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Rhodora Fitzgerald
Each workday morning, I kick off my shoes (because they are not allowed) and get down on the floor to play, snuggle and care for the infants enrolled in the Christian daycare where I am employed. It's not a high paying job in the form of a paycheck, but it's very rewarding in many other wa More...



Children and Parents love Willow Crossing because it's a fun read.
Teachers have read Willow Crossing with their class and loved the discussions it creates. 

An ordinary day turns into anything but, when Douglas is magically extracted from his bedroom and cast into a world which seems to be created by his own imagination. In this new world he is joined by several other children who are also escaping something in their lives. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by a man they call Mr. E. As they set out to fulfill a quest for Mr. E, they embark on an adventurous journey. On their mission they experience many fascinating things and places, as they learn about each other, the Nation of E. Magi, and even Mr. E. They discover Hugo Valley and learn the secret to a mystery we have all experienced. They visit the Archinites and find out what makes them so special. Once completing the mission, Douglas eventually returns from his adventure back to reality. Was the entire adventure simply his imagination? Only Douglas knows for sure.

Note to readers:
If you enjoyed 'Willow Crossing', you may want to look for the second book in the trilogy called 'Quest for the Glow' where another group of kids will have their own unique visit to E.Magi.Nation. Several characters from each of the first two books will come together in 'Nameless Nickels' (the final book) which will be released sometime in 2013.  Thanks for reading!