Quest for the Glow: Willow Crossing 2

ABOUT Rhodora Fitzgerald

Rhodora Fitzgerald
Each workday morning, I kick off my shoes (because they are not allowed) and get down on the floor to play, snuggle and care for the infants enrolled in the Christian daycare where I am employed. It's not a high paying job in the form of a paycheck, but it's very rewarding in many other wa More...



When Garrett's cat dies at the hands of the school bullies, he finds himself in an adventure which takes him through the Nation of E. Magi. As Garrett, Max, Ben and Brick stumble across Willow Crossing, they discover the winged window has been badly neglected and is not working. Sent on a quest, placed before them by Mr. E, the four teens go in search of a way to restore the all important glow of the winged window.