General Fiction

By Linda Collison

Publisher : Knopf

ABOUT Linda Collison

Linda Collison
Linda Collison has received numerous awards for her creative writing, including the grand prize for fiction at the 1996 Maui Writers Conference. Her historical novel Star-Crossed (Knopf;2006) was a New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age - 2007.  



An 18th-century orphaned British teen stows away on a merchant ship bound for Barbados in a brash attempt to claim her father's estate.  The New York Public Library chose Star-Crossed to be among the Books for the Teen Age -- 2007.

FromKirkus Reviews  October 15, 2006

A “well-researched, riveting adventure that
brings to light an overlooked
part of women's history.”

From Kliatt  November, 2006

”Collison has done her research well: Details of life on ship, diseases, injuries and treatments, battles and politics, women who sailed with the men – these details are copious and realistic. … Readers come away from Collison’s work with an understanding of what it meant to be a woman in those times, and with an experience of living on board a British ship.”

From School Library Journal  December, 2006

“Historical details are smoothly woven into the story, and a
historical note and bibliography are appended. Readers who enjoyed Avi's The
True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (HarperCollins, 1992) will find a more
substantial, mature story here to captivate them again.”

From VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates Magazine)  2007-02-01

“Collison, a former nurse and experienced seafarer, pens her first novel with an ear for wonderfully dynamic dialogue, an insistence on thorough research, and the heart of one who cares about issues timelessly important to women, from birth control to self-reliance.”