2082 (The Chronicles of Hope)

ABOUT Robert Breeze

Robert Breeze
Born in Hereford in 1981, i was incredibly well behaved and diligent until the age of 11, took some time out for a few years, spent 4 years at Liverpool University, then moved to London. I've worked in Local Government since 2006 and written my first books - The Chronicles Of Hope - along More...



Frank Noon divides opinion. Whilst some say he’s a philosophical genius, some say he’s a fanciful dreamer who deliberately courts controversy with his anti-establishment views about the failings of modern society.

Seemingly nearing the end of his life in politics, he reluctantly fronts an experimental inter-galactic government project late in the 21st century aimed at making life on an overpopulated Earth more sustainable. As he battles to gain control of a relative asylum, consisting of a cross section of the populous as much at odds with themselves as the situation, he unwittingly embarks on a life-changing journey of self-discovery.

As they learn more about the project and its intentions how far-reaching might the consequences be for the future of humanity?