MASTER Book 1: Crimson

ABOUT Jane Bled

Jane Bled
Meet Jane Bled, award-winning author of LGBTQ speculative fiction and erotica. Her penchant for prose and evocative imagery entices readers with imaginative, titillating tales they won’t soon forget. Crimson, the first book in her erotic vampire novella series MASTER, won Best eBook in t More...



The award-winning vampire novella Crimson (MASTER, Book 1), is available on Amazon Kindle! The latest edition, published 12/24/13, is revised and revamped. Although the basic plot has stayed intact, author Jane Bled has made several stylistic and editorial choices that have changed the story's trajectory.

Description of MASTER Book 1: Crimson:

Raiden, a popular rock star in Japan, has led a double-life for over five years. By day, he's an adored idol; by night, a vicious vampire. While preparing for his band's summer tour in the States, Raiden stalks the streets for fresh blood in downtown Detroit--and tries to keep away the haunting memories of his deceased fiancee's murder.

At an obligatory wine-and-dine, he meets Gabriel Colin, a famous TV actor who's hatching an elaborate plan to recruit Raiden for the starring role his first movie. Though he initially tries to dismiss Gabriel, fate soon forces Raiden to change his mind. The two become inevitably intertwined after their next encounter results in bloodshed, death, and rebirth...