The Heir to the Amulet (Adventures in a New World)

ABOUT S.P. Meijer

S.P. Meijer
With a passion for all things outdoors, if I’m not sliding down the side of a volcano or exploring an old ship under 30 metres of water, you may just find me curled up on the couch with my latest good read!



A colossal natural disaster has changed the face of the earth.
Our world is lost and forgotten, buried underground.
A marvellous, enchanting but also dangerous new life has emerged on the surface.

'The Heir to the Amulet' is the story of a young girl caught in between these two worlds and hiding the key to the secret which may have separated them.

Free-spirited, 14-year-old Lora is thrown into a dark struggle between ruthless monarchs who intend to trade her brother for her best friend. She sets out to rescue them but as she tackles each obstacle set before her, new challenges emerge and dark forces constantly seem to be one step ahead. One by one, everyone she loves is taken from her.

With each loss she is drawn closer to the enemies who covet that which she guards, an Amulet; the key to a secret both great and terrible, desired above all treasures on earth.