My Best Friend Is A Human, Really!!! (Book #1 Of The

My Best Friend Is A Human, Really!!! (Book #1 Of The

ABOUT A. J. Westin

A. J. Westin
I am a children's author with 7 books forto my name.  I write for the 9-12 year old age range and I am married with three kids who all love to read.



What Does Friendship Really Mean?

What would you do if an alien boy your own age contacted you from a great distance and wanted to be your friend?  That’s exactly what happened to Kristopher Larson, who invites Norg V’Plaktian, a fun loving space alien from the planet Alsaria, to Earth for a day of fun and friendship.

The story is told from Norg’s point of view as he shares all the fun, the adventures and the special friendship that bonds both Norg and Kristopher together. You will laugh out loud as Norg tries his best to acclimate himself to Earth’s weird customs before he must say goodbye.

Kristopher shows Norg all the sights of New York City during  a snowy December day and the two of them do as all children do - have fun adventures and enjoy themselves.

Can A Human And An Alien Really Be Friends?

Find out how in this hilarious and heartwarming story of what true friendship is all about.

Humans will see that aliens are just like them while aliens reading this will see that humans have a good sense of humor and are fun to be with

Readers will relate to how they found their own best friend and the tender, funny and charming way the two races come together despite their differences.

This is a book readers will appreciate because it doesn't talk down to them but instead, shows them what true friendship is all about.

This is the first book in the "My Best Friend Is" Children's Adventure Book Series and author A. J. Westin weaves a delightful tale of friendship between a human and a space alien but with a twist.  Having the story told from the alien's point of view allows for the reader to discover human behavior with Norg first hand while being entertained through each passing adventure.

Download it now and start your journey with a new best friend.