The Rise of the Phoenix - The Daimones Trilogy, Vol.3

The Rise of the Phoenix - The Daimones Trilogy, Vol.3

ABOUT Massimo Marino

Massimo Marino
So, I was born in Palermo, and as it happened with countless Sicilians, I left it, back in 1986. I lived more years abroad than in my home country, and I have changed in many and different ways than my old friends there. It is always a pleasure to go back, but it is now 6 long years si More...



The 'spared ones' have all recently died but Hope, the last of Dan Amenta's human daughters, though she's living her last days, too.

The planet is populated with a new stronger race. Dan has seen Earth become a different world as the new civilization rises.
A new neurological drug is heavily produced on Eridu which has created the path for a rapid evolution of the new humans, richness and good fortune. The past events revealed the crucial role the humans have in the galaxy organization...and made them aware of their strength.
Once Hope leaves this life, a moral obligation suddenly is no more. Things can change, and they must. A new order and a new course will put in place the events the Moîrai have sewn and destined to rip apart the foundations of the galaxy.