Stranded Love

Stranded Love

ABOUT Massimo Marino

Massimo Marino
So, I was born in Palermo, and as it happened with countless Sicilians, I left it, back in 1986. I lived more years abroad than in my home country, and I have changed in many and different ways than my old friends there. It is always a pleasure to go back, but it is now 6 long years si More...



Sanity is only skin deep. Love can be much deeper.

This collection of short stories explores how the strongest love can lead to evil, horror, and madness.

Five short stories exploring how the greatest evil and cruelty can ultimately point

- Tender Moments
- Love is Forever
- Till Death Do Us Part
- Mother's Love
- A Love To Live For

Each story delivers the message that the greatest evil can be the ultimate act of a tortured love, brought into or left in a difficult or helpless position. Where sanity gives place to the emotions running freely and without boundaries. And love, is the strongest emotion of them all.