In The Beginning (The Book Of Ages)

In The Beginning (The Book Of Ages)

ABOUT Robert Legori

Robert Legori
Hi, I'm Robert Legori, ever since i was about five and my mother got into researching religions and faiths and spirituality, i too was fascinated. i read and listened and learned with her, this journey made me love books and stories and writing and i knew one day i might want to be an auth More...



A fast paced action/adventure creation story that follows the odyssey of the incarnate creators, as they battle the dark forces of Evil.
A group of Gods and Goddesses have incarnated into the world threatened by the one who betrayed them. They must fight her force correctly or risk destroying and hurting the world and all whom inhabit it. When the plan means one of them must surrender to her evil will, all is though to be lost, but the effort to stop her has been well thought out ahead of time. As a hero comes of age and is ready to start his journey to helping the creators defeat evil, he is challenged not only by the dark forces but the need for knowledge and emotional growth including an internal conflict to believe in himself and the creators.

In The Beginning is the first of a five part series. they tell the stories of my interpretation of creation. it all started when i was about five the first thing popped into my head and it was the name Azare and since people and places and things started to imagine into my mind. they started to connect and form stories, and then they started to connect with the world around me, as if explaining life. as i grew i lived by the lessons and inspiration of these imaginary characters, and they made me into a great person (that's what i think anyways)

 "We appreciated the intricately thought-out, detailed universe you've created for your story." ~Arthur A. Levine Books