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Roz Morris
I published nearly a dozen novels and achieved sales of more than 4 million copies - and nobody saw my name because I was a ghostwriter. I am now proudly publishing as myself with two acclaimed literary novels, My Memories of a Future Life and Lifeform Three. I have more than 20 years expe More...


‘Beautifully written, meaningful, top-drawer storytelling. An extraordinary novel in the tradition of great old-school literary science fiction like Atwood and Bradbury’ - LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY AUTHORS
Misty woods; abandoned towns; secrets in the landscape; a forbidden life by night; the scent of bygone days; a past that lies below the surface; and a door in a dream that seems to hold the answers.
Paftoo is a ‘bod’; made to serve. He is a groundsman in the last remaining countryside estate, once known as Harkaway Hall and now a theme park. Paftoo holds scattered memories of the old days but they are regularly deleted to keep him productive.
When he starts to have dreams of the Lost Lands past, Paftoo is thrown into a nightly battle for his memories, his soul and his cherished connection with Lifeform Three.
Includes an appendix of suggested questions for reading groups.
‘I really didn’t want this book to end; it’s that good’ - BUILD ANOTHER BOOKCASE

A folly glimpsed while lost in the woods Big Brother in your hand – the Pebble phone Little Switzerland – the Surrey Hills Science fiction origins: 10 questions with Chele Cooke The Surrey connection, literary ancestors and horses – essay for book clubs The Undercover Soundtrack – music that made Lifeform Three http://www.lifeformthree.com/origins