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By Priscilla Whitaker

Publisher : BQB Publishing

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Priscilla Whitaker
Priscilla Whitaker currently lives in Georgia, and loves nature and taking pictures of the world that surrounds her. As a survivor of a terrible dog attack, Priscilla is grateful for every day and views each new sunrise as a treasure and gift from God. Priscilla has combined her love of st More...



Featuring stunning photography, Mr. Blue invites children into the vibrant world of a Great Blue Heron. The story of Mr. Blue delights, engages, and educates children about his playful personality and natural habitat. Fishing in a pond, balancing on one leg, and playing hide-and-seek are just some of the activities Mr. Blue can do while spending the day at his pond. Join him on the banks of his pond as you explore the watery world of this amazing bird.

A beautiful Great Blue Heron came to live at a pond behind my home. I took hundreds of beautiful pictures. I wrote the book for two very special girls that I babysit. When other people saw my story they told me I needed to get published. I contacted

By Esther Richey on July 24, 2013
Format: Hardcover
Mr. Blue, by Priscilla Whitaker

Priscilla Whitaker offers a charming, clear-sighted look at the way a Great Blue Heron moves in the world. Whether soaring above the pond or standing on one leg, whether snapping down a fish, or balancing a gem-like water-drop on his beak, Mr. Blue reveals his distinctive and funny personality. Every picture is dazzling. Every word speaks to the games that birds--and children--play. This is the most elegant bird you will ever turn a page to discover. You will want to look again and again. Few books do what this book does--or as effortlessly. It's perfect.
This review is from: Mr Blue (Hardcover)

My daughters and I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting Mr. Blue and seeing into his world. This book was a wonderful addition to our home library. The pictures are fabulous. The writing is engaging and entertaining while still being easy enough for young readers to read by themselves. Meeting Mr. Blue has led us to study more about blue herons and how they live.



This review is from: Mr Blue (Hardcover)

The author shares with the readers this beautiful bird who visits the pond behind their home with exquisite photos she has herself taken. The photos make the book a "must buy" by themselves and the witty descriptions educate children about the bird while encouraging them to explore with more questions. My 4 year old is so much more interested in learning more about the birds that visit our backyard after reading this book. A wonderful gift and addition to a child's collection!



Fall in love with Mr. Blue!, April 18, 2013
This review is from: Mr Blue (Hardcover)

Received my copy of Mr. Blue today and I must say I was overjoyed with my purchase! With stunning photographs and a simple non-fiction narrative, the author transports a child to a day in the life of a magnificent Great Blue Heron that has lighted on her pond in Georgia. This book is a lovely addition to any child's library and I highly recommend it for it's intelligent and sweet treatment of a rare and beautiful creature. I hope Mrs. Whitaker continues to find more of nature's gifts to delight us with!



This review is from: Mr Blue (Hardcover)

My kids love reading Mr. Blue. It is a fun and informative book that they learn while reading. They love to look at the pictures and wonder what Br. Blue is eating. This is a great gift for kids or anyone who loves birds.



This review is from: Mr Blue (Hardcover)

This book is written in a style that creates curiosity in a child at a young age level. I love the fact that all these pictures are taken of the same young Great Blue Heron. Priscilla gives great facts about this bird and then connects these facts with something a child could relate to. I absolutely love it! I think this would be a great book for a classroom, library, a child's personal collection of books, and for me it it is for a collection of books at my own home for my grandson. It is awesome!



This review is from: Mr. Blue (Kindle Edition)

Today when me and my daugther got done at the grocery store this very nice lady came up to us and ask if we wanted a copy of her new book. We were very excited over the new book and read it together as soon as we got home. Both me and my daugther loved the book. I love how it is written and it is very informative about blue herons which is such a amazing bird. I would highly recommend buying this book. Love the fun and pretty pictures of the blue heron. Your kid will love it and want to read it over and over again.
So a big thank you Priscilla for writing the book and even more so sharing one with us! Good luck with everything and I really hope you keep up writing books!
Marie and Julia



 Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers' Favorite This is a first

Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers' Favorite

This is a first book by Priscilla Whitaker. In "Mr. Blue," we are introduced to a great blue heron who occupies space at a local pond. We first learn how the heron got his name. The child listener then learns about the physical characteristics of Mr. Blue and how those assets are adaptive to meeting the bird's needs for shelter and food. We then learn just how the heron catches his meal and just what that meal is. The importance of the bird's habitat is explained, along with what the bird might do if company is present. We also learn how Mr. Blue cares for himself so that he will live a safe and protected life.

The author has made this an interactive book by asking the listener questions which allow the child listener to feel a sense of connection to Mr. Blue and his environment. The reader can ask the children a series of questions which will certainly allow the child participant to remember more details about Mr. Blue and at the same time, feel a sense of interaction with the bird. The pictures in the book are absolutely beautiful. The actual pictures of the bird performing certain activities help to facilitate the child's understanding of the story and also helps to hold the child's interest. This book will appeal to preschoolers and those in Kindergarten. Also, first graders might use it as a reference source for a short report. A lovely book for children.


 I love the way the author engages the reader in the telling of h

I love the way the author engages the reader in the telling of her story. The photographs of Mr. Blue are a delight to theeyes, and the 
story encourages smiles, wonder, and playfulness.


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Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Full Text: Mr. Blue was a very quick read that was filled with interesting tidbits about the Great Blue Heron. Insightful information was coupled with beautiful photos to make this a wonderful learning experience. I really liked the interactive quality that the book had. I think kids will enjoy this book. 

By Dawn B 

I received a copy of Mr. Blue today, and read it to our 18 mos. old grandson. He is fascinated with birds and so this book held his interest. The story is informative and the pictures are wonderful. Mr. Blue lives near us and I hope to see him in his habitat real soon. I highly recommend this book, no matter what your age!