ABOUT Kareem Abdul Rahman

kareem abdul rahman
Jay-r is the king of Philly's crack game. After constantly being harassed by┬áhis kids mother about the life he lives he decides to retire from the game. He puts his money and energy into the rap group he manages. Him and his rap group make music a full-time job. The music takes off quickl More...



Some people want money. Some want respect. Some want power. Most want it all, and to have it all you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Once you get it you have to do even more to keep it!

Jay-r is a kingpin of the drug game in Philly. He's made more money in the streets than he will probably ever be able to spend in a lifetime. There's just one problem. He's addicted to the street life and has no plans to ever quit hustling, even though at this point he's just doing it out of habit because he doesn't need the money. This causes problems between him and Taneka, his kid's mother. Taneka's tired of the life they live and she wants out, with or without him. Jay-r decides to give the game up in order to keep his family together and he puts his money and energy behind the rap group he manages. Once he puts his hustler's mentality into doing business the rap thing takes off quickly. Jay-r and his rap group are headed to the top, but old beefs resurface and new ones develop and the streets aren't ready to let them go just yet. Jay-r and his team prepare for one last war to put an end to all beefs once and for all! The drama in the streets brings the FEDS and once the FEDS get involved everyone's loyalty to the team is tested. They find themselves in a war in the streets and trying to stay out of the FEDS grasp, while trying to make music at the same time. Will Jay-r and his crew be able to make it out of the game or become another statistic in the streets of North Philly?

Coupe is coming home from prison after being locked up 15 years. He was locked up for putting in work for the hood and feels the hood owes him something when he gets home. He doesn't get the welcome home he expects and he's feeling some type of way about it. Nobody from the old days are around anymore and the hood is controlled by a new generation. Coupe wants his respect and he wants his old hood back so he rounds up whats left of the older cats he knew before he went to prison and he recruits some youngins into his crew. Coupe goes right to work extorting anyone who isn't down with his team. He takes the hood back by force killing anyone who refuses to pay him tax. Coupe plans on taking over all of North Philly but some people just ain't having it! An all out war erupts in the street for control of the hood!

Ki Ki has been on her own since she was a teen. She learned the ways of the streets quickly and now as an adult she has perfected her game. Ki Ki wants to live life like a baller. Or at least make people think she is. She does whatever it takes to maintain her baller status. She steals, robs, and sleeps with many dudes for money. She will do anything it takes to make a buck and until she can find someone who can afford to pay for her expensive lifestyle she's going to do what she does best. Trick and steal. She has become an expert at getting dudes hooked on her sex and head game. She thinks she's finally hooked the big fish when she gets with Jay-r. She knows very well what he can do for her. After they start spending lots of time together she mistakes lust for love. In her mind everything is perfect. When Jay-r goes back to his babies mother Ki Ki is heartbroken and pissed. She feels that she's been played and she promises revenge. She told him once before "Don't ever try to cross me" and now she's going to show him exactly what she meant by that!

Federal Assistant District Attorney Harper wants out of Philly. He wants to be in D.C. with the power player's so he can advance his career and move on to doing bigger things. As far as he is concerned Philly is too small a market for him to advance his career to where he wants it to be. He knows that if he can make one big R.I.C.O drug case against a major kingpin it will get him on the fast track to where he needs his career to be. He will do anything to make that case and he has people working for him who are willing to go outside of the law in order to make it happen!