The Leprechauns Tale (The O'Shea Chronicles)

ABOUT Seamus Leprechaun

Seamus Leprechaun
~~It is said that Seamus is so old, not even he remembers his age or last name. The ancient leprechaun was born in Caer Gorias several generations after the death of the greatest leprechaun hero ever known.  
Like all leprechaun children, Seamus often played games pretendi More...


~~Dougal O’Shea, the young, shy leprechaun always dreamed of being a hero, and now his chance has come.
While he and his twin sister Derry are visiting their fairy dragon friend Phil, five fairies fall through the magical portal looking for Phil.
Their fairy Princess Amber has been kidnapped by the evil and ruthless pixie King Rupert, so Dougal, Derry and Phil must go to the world of Connaught to help rescue Princess Amber.
But will the leprechauns and dragon be enough to save Princess Amber?
Is the magic of the fairy wizard Neave enough to beat the pixies?
And who are the mysterious prisoners locked in the prison cell?

‘A magical journey, full of twists and surprises. Fasten your seat belts. The stakes have never been higher. Enjoyable for the entire family. A roller coaster ride leaving you wanting more. I look forward to reading more adventures of the twins Dougal and Derry.’
Brian Perry - Actor Hollywood - "Murphy Brown", "Days of Our Lives", "Just Shoot Me.

‘I couldn’t stop reading! Whenever I did I just sat there thinking about the exciting plot and lovable characters!’
Dylan Smits aged 9.

The Leprechauns Tale is the first volume in The O’Shea Chronicles series.
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