Coils of the Serpent

ABOUT Raymond Lutz

Raymond Lutz
I have a technical background, with a Masters of Science degree in Electronics Engineering and have published many papers and documents in various technical arenas. Lately, I have become involved in politics and have researched the religion/science controversy, specifically related to DNA  More...



When three friends, drawn together through a neighborhood book club, 
have a chance encounter with a mysterious old stranger to their town, 
they find themselves drawn into a strange web of scientific inquiry 
laced with fundamentalist religious beliefs. Prompted by the old man’s 
challenge, they begin a search for scientifically-based clues to DNA 
and the origins of life hidden in the oldest books of the Bible.

Coils of the Serpent is a scientific thriller that calls upon the reader 
to examine his or her deepest religious sympathies and human-kind’s 
boldest scientific inquiries.