Myth of the Moon Goddess - The Aradia Chronicles, Books One, Two and Three

ABOUT April Rane

April Rane
April has always been psychic. After years of trying professions like being a waitress, (probably the worst one on the planet) fitness instructor, auto mechanic, drill-press & lathe machine operator, and then trying out bar tending … her life changed drastically. Family tragedy calle More...



This is Book 1 - 2 & 3 of The Aradia Chronicles- Book 4 ~Alyanna, Amazon Priestess 

"Reminiscent of Marion Zimmer Bradley in Mist of Avalon, Rane takes myth, legend and historical settings, weaves in elements of magic and the world of the unseen, and creates a rich tapestry of entertainment." iUniverse

Rane stirs your heart and engages your mind with her powerful epic of the Moon Goddess Aradia, who more than two-thousand years ago gave up her immortal life in the heavens and journeyed to earth, to teach spells, herbs and magic to better the plight of women.

~ At fifteen, Aradia is brutally abducted after witnessing the vicious slaughter of her village; hardening her heart to the loss she becomes a fierce protector of the young girls she finds in her care.
Excerpt: Slowly she walked out back to the donkey-pen in search of the large butchering knife. Hesitantly, she reached for it. For a long moment she thought of using the crude, cold knife on herself, knowing in the end she would be raped, killed or enslaved by the violent and depraved warriors from the north. Aradia gingerly pointed the bloodstained rusty knife toward her heart, but then she thought of her beloved sister, I must find her... 

    ~Unfortunately Aradia discovers the price of her heroic quest is seems to come at the cost of love. ~

This first book of the Aradia Chronicles is a trilogy; three different lives of the Moon Goddess. Follow her intriguing story in Myth of the Moon Goddess