Alyanna, Amazon Priestess - The Aradia Chronicles -Book Four

Alyanna, Amazon Priestess - The Aradia Chronicles -Book Four

ABOUT April Rane

April Rane
April has always been psychic. After years of trying professions like being a waitress, (probably the worst one on the planet) fitness instructor, auto mechanic, drill-press & lathe machine operator, and then trying out bar tending … her life changed drastically. Family tragedy calle More...



 Volume 2 of -The Aradia Chronicles  (Book 1-Myth of the Moon Goddess)

This time the Goddess wasn't prepared!

~Aradia, immortal priestess and daughter of the Goddess of the Moon, has given up her home in the heavens, and reincarnated again here on earth. This time, as Alyanna, she is sworn to heal the age old curse she placed upon her twin flame, her love, in another life, another time...

~On Earth-At a very tender age, Alyanna begins her rigorous training to become the leader of her clan. Unable to ever truly be a child, she never loses her pure and untainted childlike heart. Yet, she is thrown into a world of chaos and unrest when she attempts to heal the rift between the men and women in her native land. Becoming the youngest ruler of the Amazon's, Alyanna, at the age of thirteen, leads a victorious attack on the rebels that had abducted their young and decimated her village.

On their pilgrimage to the Holy City, Alyanna saves her clan from disaster. Using strategy in an elaborate ruse she baffles the enemy and gives birth to the legend of the Golden Goddess. In the Holy City, as the youngest Priestess ever crowned, she regally moves into womanhood during her demanding initiation, which opens for her, and us, the karmic portal between life, death and rebirth.

In the Heavens -Entombed during her initiation in the Holy City, Alyanna travels between heaven and earth on her vision quest... and with her; we get a glimpse of life-between-lives, life on the astral realm, and education in the Temple of Knowledge. We also gather, along with her, the ancient wisdom of the ages from her enlightened spirit guide. Taking her rightful place as Priestess and Queen of the Amazons, will she be able to heal the monumental separation between the men and women of her land by introducing lusty male warriors into her all female clan. Though meeting with resistance from many, her beloved mother included, she manages to alter the course of history with her remarkable understanding of strategy in war, and her exceptionally pure heart, as she strives toward all encompassing peace.

Alyanna, Amazon Priestess, is part of an epic series, consisting of five books, seven consecutive lives. In this, her fourth lifetime on earth, she befriends and raises a wolf, filling a great void in her life, readying her to experience deep and un-abiding friendship with a young priestess which alters her life...and ultimately allows her to sacrifice everything for love.

The Goddess Aradia, in this series, will take you on a remarkable journey
through the Seven Sacred Rays, an age old system of spiritual growth. As you
follow along with her progress, you'll delve into the mysteries of your soul.

"Reminiscent of Marion Zimmer Bradley in Mist of Avalon, this series takes myth, legend and historical settings, weaves in elements of magic and the world of the unseen, and creates a rich tapestry of entertainment." ~iUniverse~