Echoes of Silence

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By Nadene Carter

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ABOUT Nadene Carter

Nadene Carter
Nadene Carter lives in northern Utah in a rural setting with her husband, Royce; two horses, two cats, and Rico--a rule-the-roost MinPin dog. Besides writing, she enjoys working with her hands: gardening, knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving.


Echoes of Silence juxtaposes the innocence of childhood against the backdrop of bigotry and prejudice prevalent during World War II. It provides a unique perspective into the lives of three families who endured those years and who were shaped by the events of this period in U.S. history. This novel also illustrates the complex choices we all make without considering the effect on future generations. The choices, made years earlier by the adult characters of this story, create echoes that reverberate forward into the lives of their children, which change and shape all of them in unexpected ways.

Paula Zsiray
Past President, Utah Educational Library Media Association

When an American-born Japanese family and a native-born German family become friends, prejudice surrounds them both. The indignities of forced detention and the horrors of war are hard to escape. This is the basis for a thought-provoking exploration of a small Oregon farming community in the 1940s. Well-researched, this novel will touch your heart.

Cindy Bonner, Author of Lily and Right From Wrong

Echoes of Silence is an insightful novel of courage, compassion, but above all, it is about the complex choices we all make without realizing the effect on future generations. Nadene R. Carter writes with specific honesty and appealing tenderness about a time, a place, and the family, yet also about a larger subject that we, as a Nation, cannot afford to forget.


Midwest Review, Oregon, WI

Set during World War II, Echoes of Silence by Nadene R. Carter is an impressively written historical novel that follows several people, all of whom are a kind of ‘prisoner of war’ in one manner or another. One is enslaved by his own past; a teenaged Japanese girl is interned along with thousands of other Japanese-Americans who have committed no crime; and yet another is held fast by his own hatred. A profound and sweeping tale of human strengths and failings, offering unique perspectives into their individual plights when Japanese-Americans were held captive by their own nation—throughout the years both during and after the war.