ABOUT Douglas Hardin

Douglas Hardin
D.W. Hardin has experience in the field of law enforcement and as registered nurse. ┬áHe draws upon his prior experience to write. In a joint decision, his wife, Carmen, and he decided it was time for him to follow his lifelong dream to write. His debut novel was Hidden and Imminent Danger More...



The novel weaves a tale of a modern day Everyman in quest for self-actualization and victory over all restraints to hold him back. After the devastating death of his parents in a plane crash, Lionel Xpofer, a child prodigy and now a very young college professor, is driven deeper into his research. The journey leads to the creation of DESA, an organization populated by disgruntled military, artificial intelligent beings utilizing electronic templates of DNA, and scientists of all types. Xpofer's quest reaches literally into outer space and along the way uncovers political corruption run amuck with deception and double dealing not only with humans but with alien beings. Xpofer navigates these murky waters with strength and a pioneering spirit.