Chained 2 Da Game

General Fiction

By LaToya Willis

Publisher : Emani Publishing Company

ABOUT LaToya Willis

LaToya Willis



Tori is a young girl living in Chicago with her mother and older sister. Her days consist of school, shopping, boys, and lots of drama. Tori, just like any other teenager her age, wants to be grown. From her relationship with a neighborhood hustler who spoils her, to the ongoing drama with her friends, Tori is definitely not your typical girl. When she hits a major speed bump, Tori's life begins to spin into a whirlwind of events. Forced to grow up too fast, Tori is thrown into the shoes of an adult and she must wear them well. 
Tori begins to see everyone and every thing in a new light. She realizes thing's aren't always what they seem. Her maturity is tested when she is faced with decisions and dilemmas that may alter her life forever. Tori takes her challenges head on as she struggles to become the woman she aspires to be. Many friendships are laid on the line, as well as relationships as Tori decides what is important to her;When her boyfriend runs into trouble with the law she is forced to take over his business. Armed with minor knowledge of the task at hand, Tori jumps into the dope game face first. After finding love elsewhere, Tori takes off to finally live happily ever after. But, destiny has other plans for her. Life has a funny way of knocking you down, just when you think things couldn't be better, they get worst. Can Tori survive it's wrath?