Humblenot and The Rat & The Cat (Humblenot's Story Time)

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‘Humblenot and The Rat & The Cat’ is a story written by Charlie Forrest for children of all ages. This is the second story in the ‘Humblenot’s Story Time’ series. It joins, ‘Humblenot and The Robin & The Sparrow’.

Humblenot is a story-teller, a forest dweller, a human-like creature whom may once have been a brave crusading Knight; but he might also have been a Dragon handler.

Today, Humblenot is telling the story of ‘The Rat & The Cat’ and what happened when the Duchess ordered the Kingdom be rid of rats.

Each Humblenot story will reveal more about him and the place where he lives and he will always tell a story. However, his stories won’t always be just for the children because as you will see, grown-ups like to hear his stories too!

‘Humblenot and The Rat & The Cat’ is published for Kindle and is available exclusively in the Amazon Kindle Store. The story is also published as a paperback and again, available exclusively through Amazon.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the story. If you like this story then you might like the others which I have written: ‘The Marmoset Who Shared His Lunch’, ‘Carrots’ Bad Day’, ‘Peggy & Lost Boy Found’ and ‘Humblenot and The Robin & The Sparrow’.

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