Tracing the Contours (Luke Adams Investigates)

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Honor Amelia Dawson
Honor Amelia Dawson When you open any of my Novels you will be faced with a personal mug shot! Beneath this a brief outline of my personal life, nothing to hide there then! I lead an uncomplicated existence I write about some of this on my wordpress blog which is steadily expanding with  More...



Luke Adams investigates Book 1. Client:- Megan Armstrong

Megan has reached the limits of her endurance, the vindictive mental abuse is intolerable. Time for a new life on her own terms, despite the consequences. Nearing her destination Megan experiences some displacement, a time shift, a sense of foreboding generates an unnerving resonance within her psyche. The effects are physical, her mental state, stressed and what are these visions? She has neither recognition of the vague faces, nor any recollection of the violence that ensues.
Megan's arrival in town is disconcerting for the local community; this close resemblance to Saskia, a past resident, provokes distasteful memories. Buried in the depths of Megan's subconscious are the answers. Her life is enveloped by frustration and fear, too shocking to remember . . . too shocking to forget . . . fatal to ignore. Amidst the perilous encounters there is an unwanted revelation, a struggle for justice,

An opportunity for the investigative abilities of Luke Adams and his assistant Imogen Morrison.

Honor Amelia Dawson has three full length novels available on Kindle, all exceeding 100,000 words, equivalent to 350 pages approximately

You must try at least one immediately, it will be worth your while, if you like her style ! Don't be surprised if you rush back to get more, they have a good reading rhythm, they are well paced pageturners, with some surprises to heighten the excitement.

Honor Amelia Dawson's writing style bears strong similarities to
Sophie Hannah,
Jodi Picoult,
Diane Chamberlain
Liane Moriarty

Honor Amelia Dawson writes womens fiction with strong identifiable characters, all her novels contain several subplots with a main plot threading throughout the storyline.
Her style includes male and female protagonists, relational conflict, a good degree of emotional content, realistic situations combined with either suspense or psychological elements.
Some of the novels have a detective and client as protagonists, naturally these are linked to either a mystery or thriller(maybe both) based plot with some element of suspense.
Honor Amelia Dawson will do her best to keep you in the tale zone, do not miss out.

The Luke Adams series:-

Book 1 - Shift of Influence ASIN B00BAT5MCQ
Book 2 - Duty and Denial ASIN B00C74E3FU
Single novel "Shackled" ASIN B00EJF47QA