The Doodleburghs

ABOUT Brett Hoover

Brett Hoover



Deep within the heart of America, in a small town named, Cantonville. Lies a town bustling with exuberance and life. Like almost all small towns everywhere, it is full of its fair share of unusual characters and nosy neighbors. While it may not have the bright lights of the city on its side, it nevertheless, is the furthest thing from boring. One family, in particular, has taken it upon themselves to make sure that no one will ever fall victim to the mundane habits of normalcy. This family can be found on the outskirts of town, in a little neighborhood called Sprite Street. They go by the last name of Doodleburgh and for all intents and purposes, their name is the least strange thing about them. The family consists of five kids and two parents. Harold and Madeline rule with less, than an iron fist. As at times, even the combined authority of both of them, is not enough, when it comes to contending with the out of control ways of their children. Caroline, is sixteen and the oldest of the Doodleburgh kids. She is strong willed and brilliant. Not to mention, musically inclined. Her talents are many, yet, she lacks composure and at times, her tenacity gets the better of her. Aiden and Cayden are fifteen and between the two of them ,take part in all things sports. If their older sister is the brains of the family, then they would be considered the brawns of the Doodleburgh offspring. What they lack in intelligence, they make up for in God -given, physical talents. Jackson, is a ten year old with a propensity for trouble. His pension for destruction, knows no bounds. While his eight year old sister; Abbey, is known for being Jackson’s miniature sidekick.Who, is all too willing, to take part in her brother’s destructive ways. Add that, with an assortment of odd and quirky characters that make up, their friends and neighbors and one always finds something new and interesting taking place on Sprite Street. Come join in on the adventure, that is the Doodleburgh’s.