From Kentish Town to Kampala

ABOUT Sandra Quiggin

Sandra Quiggin
After finishing language studies at Exeter University I moved up to London, for what I thought would be a year or two. A decade later I was stuck in the rat race, desperate for an escape. A leap of faith saw me hand in my notice without a job to go to, without a plan. One thing I was sure  More...



Charlie is stuck in a rut. Tied to a telephone in a dingy Earls Court travel agent, dotted with dusty pot plants and faded posters of faraway places is not the life she had envisaged. A 'phone call from her old mate, Jake, provides her with the opportunity to break out. They embark on an adventure of a lifetime in a Combi van through the African Continent. Will this change her life forever?
This easy read , chic-lit style love story,will be an inspiration for all those looking to break out of their rut. Pick it up for a holiday read or a good bedtime tale.
Based on a true story, the author now works as a life and career coach helping others live their dreams.