Divinie Whisperes In Conversation With The Self

Divinie Whisperes In Conversation With The Self

ABOUT Vijay Singal

vijay singal
Vijay Singal Author Born in 1951 at Maler Kotla , Distt.Sangrur, Punjab (India)Vijay Singal is a mechanical engineer by training and a bureaucrat by choice.



Divinie Whisperes That I have several hours of uninterrupted time to think, which I hoped to use to reflect on my talk, slated for that evening.As the plane hit some turbulence in the sky, I thought about how life, too, is turbulent. It is filled with some many ups and downs, good time and bad ones, aggravations and frustrations, as well as successes and triumphs.Hown, indeed, are we expected to find heavenly meaning in all the mundane - ad often irritating - quagmire of daily living?The plane continued to rise higher and higher. Though I travel quite a bit, I've never become completely accustomed to it. I experience a small tension and queasiness during ever flight, just as I never lose fasciations with the wonder of life off and flying so high above ground. 
In this Beautiful but ardous journey of life,
I am moving towards you, always.
O, the master of the cosmos!
Let me move with the pure heart,
and with my hands clean;
so that on the day of reckoning,
you can welcome me with open arms, and
I can meet you with my head held high.