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Behind Psychology

ABOUT Vijay Singal

vijay singal
Vijay Singal Author Born in 1951 at Maler Kotla , Distt.Sangrur, Punjab (India)Vijay Singal is a mechanical engineer by training and a bureaucrat by choice.



Every Single Individual Is An Inexhaustible Mine Of Energy And Bliss Temporarily Covered By Seemingly Hard Rocks Of Dissatisfaction. Out Of All The Creatures, Only A Human Being Is Capable Of Self-Exploration. This Has Become Possible Due To The Structure Of Its Mind And Body, Which Might Have Evolved Over Billions Of Years. This Book, In Its Own Humble Way, Has Tried To Equip The Readers With Instruments Of Knowledge And Awareness With The Help Of Which One Can Continuously Excavate This Infinite Natural Resource Of Unalloyed Happiness. This Work Has Endeavoured, Through A Deceptively Simple But At The Same Time Immensely Practical Reasoning To Suggest Solutions To The Myriad Of Problems.