Acupoint and Trigger Point Therapy for Babies and Children: A Parent's Healing Touch

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By Donna Finando

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Donna Finando

Donna Finando
Donna Finando, L.Ac., L.M.T., is a practitioner of acupuncture and massage, specializing in myofascial meridian therapy and myofascial release techniques for the treatment of chronic and acute pain and dysfunction. She studied extensively with Janet Travell, M.D., a pioneer in the field of More...



Techniques that allow parents to be active agents in providing relief and healing when illness occurs in their children

• Reveals the importance of touch in both childhood development and healing

• Details acupoint and trigger point therapy techniques for most common childhood ailments, including asthma

• Identifies when to seek professional help vs. situations that can be handled at home

Touch is critical to the development of babies and children. It establishes both their sense of self and their connectedness to the rest of the world. Donna Finando shows that touch is also key to restoring health when illness occurs. As a mother and grandmother, she has experienced the frustration and helplessness of watching a sick child suffer. As an acupuncturist and massage practitioner, she has found there are many simple ways parents can provide relief and even healing for many common ailments that afflict children by using touch therapy.

Trigger point therapy releases restricted muscles while acupressure allows energy to flow freely, activating the body’s remarkable healing abilities. Colds, sore throats, ear infections, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and even asthma are some of the common conditions that can be relieved by touch therapy. Finando presents an in-depth explanation of each condition, providing information on causative factors, dietary and behavior recommendations, point techniques that can offer relief, and when to seek medical help. The gentle techniques that form this healing practice also extend to other parent-child interactions, offering a comprehensive model for the care and nurturing of children.
"Basic children's anatomy and physiology are presented in easy terms parents can understand, making this an excellent pick for any parent's library."
The Midwest Book Review

"Why this book has not been written before is a mystery, but now, here it is. [A] wonderful gift for mother-to-be, dads, grandparents, nurses, and caregivers."
Martha Stoodley, writer and yoga teacher

" . . . a resource that takes our natural healing touch to a whole new level. . . . the practices in this text merely expand on our natural instincts."
Dr. Tami Brady, TCM Reviews, Feb 2008

"Finando doesn't suggest that we turn our backs on Western medicine, but rather that we expand our families' wellness and medicine chests by discovering the power our bodies have to self-heal when ancient healing practices are applied."
Terri Hall-Jackson, Care2 Green Living, Jan 2008