Informed Touch: A Clinician's Guide to the Evaluation and Treatment of Myofascial Disorders

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By Donna Finando

Publisher : Inner Traditions/Bear & Company

ABOUT Donna Finando

Donna Finando
Donna Finando, L.Ac., L.M.T., is a practitioner of acupuncture and massage, specializing in myofascial meridian therapy and myofascial release techniques for the treatment of chronic and acute pain and dysfunction. She studied extensively with Janet Travell, M.D., a pioneer in the field of More...



A clinical reference manual for the evaluation and treatment of muscle pain. 

• Detailed color illustrations of pain patterns and trigger-point locations.

• First accessible reference manual for acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and physical, occupational, and massage therapists. 

In this easy-to-use guide to the treatment of muscle pain, medical educators Steven and Donna Finando present evaluation and palpation techniques for reducing trigger points--and thereby alleviating pain--in the most clinically significant musculature of the body. A "user's manual" for health care practitioners, Informed Touch examines a wide range of pain patterns and their treatment. Introductory chapters include discussion of the oriental medicine concept of Qi and its relationship to myology, information on trigger point location and activation, and palpatory skill-building techniques. Detailed information on each muscle, including pain-pattern and trigger-point illustrations and specific palpation instructions, allows clinicians to locate specific areas quickly and accurately. A visual index, showing reduced versions of the pain-pattern illustrations, makes it easy for clinicians to identify the muscles that may be involved in a patient's complaint. Informed Touch answers the reference needs of the growing community of physical and occupational therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and massage therapists.

"Knowing how to touch the human body when it is in distress is the skill that links bodyworkers with physical- and oriental-medicine practitioners. Nowhere is this knowledge more developed than in the seminal work on trigger-point release of Drs. Janet Travell and David Simons.Their magnum opus now becomes eminently accessible in this clinically pragmatic manual. Informed Touch belongs in the office of every professional practicing a physical medicine of any kind."
Mark D. Seem, Ph.D., L.Ac., President, Tri-State College of Acupuncture and author of Bodymind Energetics, A New American Acupuncture, and Acupuncture Physical Medicine

"This insightful book points out a new direction in medical therapeutics. It clearly delineates where the energetic field of the body intersects and animates the physical structure. By acting at this intersection, true healing can take place."Steven L. Rosenblatt, M.D., Ph.D., L.Ac., Founder and past president, California Acupuncture College

"Informed Touch represents a gallant and courageous adventure into the true realm of complementary medicine. Never before have the disciplines of myofascial pain release and meridian therapy been so beautifully and practically connected. Simply put, this book is a must for all practitioners of hands-on medicine."
Roberta F. Shapiro, D.O., Albert Einstein College of Medicine

"Donna and Steven Finando have married some of the finest techniques that eastern and western physical medicine have to offer. Incredibly, they have done this in a single text, with excellent graphics, charts, and guidelines to specific soft-tissue work. This essential guide takes the place of many large volumes, especially when information is needed immediately. I highly recommend Informed Touch for not only the experienced practitioner, but for students as well."
Marilyn Freedman, P.T., certified childbirth educator

"A fascinating manual on the treatment of muscular disorders presented in a clear and orderly format that is easy to follow and to understand. Informed Touch should be of interest and value to anyone involved in pain management."
Spectrum, January/February 2000

"Informed Touch is a well-written and concise text on myofascial pain. Both the seasoned practitioner and student of massage will gain invaluable information about the relationship between myofascial pain syndromes, trigger points, movement and traditional Chinese medicine."
Massage Therapy Journal, Summer 2000